Monday, October 18, 2010

Where have we been?

Ok it has it seriously really been 10 months since I last posted? Facebook has taken up all of my blogging time! :-). Jenni just turned 3 on September 24th, 2010. Where has the time gone. She is so wise, sensitive, smart and full of energy. She amazes me everyday! She still not terribly fond of school mostly because she hates to be away from mom and dad. But she only has to go about 3 days a week so not too bad. Now we have been working on the potty training and must admit it has been a great challenge. She just shows little interest and can't seem to hold it for more that about 30 minutes so it is also exhausting for us too. But I know it will come at some point. The poor thing has been sick the last two days with bad cold. Well, I promise to do some more blogging in the next few days with a few photos!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jenni's update

Sorry to be so long since last blog. Been updating everyone on Facebook so it is easy to forget to blog. Jenni is doing wonderful! She is now 2 and very smart and sassy! Let's September she had her 2nd birthday, In October..mama and daddy had a trip to Hawaii and she got to have an adventure with her Auntie's and Uncles. Then there was Halloween. She did have to have a major surgery on Nov. 4th for her severe Reflux. So far it seems to be a great success!! yea! Her surgeons were awesome and her stay at the Children's Hospital was excellent. We are so thankful to everyone. She enjoyed Thanksgiving and being the center of attention for all of the family as she is the only child right now. She has had a fairly good winter as far illness goes. Just a few little runny noses and a slight cough. Nothing like last year at all. We are just so thankful! She is talking so much and it fun to have conversations with her. She is still just such a "gentle soul". She is really well-behaved. She will tell you NO a few times when she is mad that you ask her to stop doing something but she complies but just wants us to know that she is not happy about it. She is almost potty-trained all the way..part of it is our fault as we forget to ask her if she needs to go but if we stay "on top of it" she will have a dry diaper all day. She is getting excited for Christmas and already has a great LOVE for Santa!! I will try and download some pictures a bit later.


Monday, September 7, 2009

What has been happening in Jenni's life

Our sweet pea is almost 2 years old. Hard to believe! So grown up..almost fully potty trained. We plan on completing this task after we return from Hawaii in Oct. Mom and dad are taking a "work" trip to Hawaii for 9 days. Will be VERY hard leaving our little Jenni for so long but her Auntie's will be watching her and we know she will be in good hands. Jenni is talking so much and has really grown up so much in the last 2 months since our last post. She is like a "little woman" so mature and is now fully understanding every thing we say and I mean EVERYTHING! We have been having to start spelling things, hee, hee. She loves all outdoor activities and on rainy days home with mom and dad..she LOVES to watch her movies.

She is still having some digestive problems and does have Delayed Gastric Emptying Disease (which they hope she will outgrow) and they think reflux which will be confirmed this week with a scope. She really has very little desire to eat much of anything. It is really a constant battle. But she still seems to be thriving which is good sign so I need to not worry too much.

I am attaching some photos...I do have some video on Facebook.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally, A Jenni update!

Sorry for such a delay in posting a Jenni Update. I have been spending much of my time on Facebook. It is such quick and easy to post updates on there. The past 2 months have been busy. Jenni's health hasn't been the best. Not anything bad just numerous ear infections and sinus infections. They decided to do a cat scan on her sinus cavity and she had almost total blockage of ALL sinuses. She had sinus surgery on June 12th. She also had her adneoids out and new tubes put in (her other ones fell out). They said she had alot of infection in there. Poor little thing. They think this is all caused from her Gastric Relux issue. So she had to see a Pediatric GI dr. We initially could not get an appt until Dec. 2009 but then got moved up to Sept. 2009. There is only 1 Ped GI Dr. in our city so very hard to get into. I prayed for God to find a way to get her in sooner. When I decided to call one more time to try and get her in earlier I found out one of my friends was now working there as a scheduler!! God answered our prayers. My friend put her on a short notice call list and she was seen last Wed. We loved the Dr! He is so nice and very informative. He thinks she may have something called Delayed Gastric Emptying which would explain why she is never hungry or eats just one or two bites and then says she is done. She had a full GI study of x-rays done last Friday and will have to have more tests done in about 2 weeks. In the meantime, she has another ear infection! The poor thing...Now we also have to do sinus rinses which she HATES. But if it keeps her from getting infections we will do it. We are tired of seeing her suffer. She also has lost weight again. However, I must say she is a real trooper. Hardly ever complains and plays hard. VERY BUSY!!

We also had our re-adoption hearing on June 19th so now we can get a birth certificate for her and a passport. We really want to go to Mexico in 2010. We are taking a trip to Hawaii first week in Oct. which will be the first time we have ever left Jenni. She will be staying home since it is a work convention. I have to admit I am stressing about leaving her. Even though she is so busy and tires me out everyday, I don't want leave her for even 1 night! She will be in good hands while we are gone. She is staying with her Aunties who will spoil her terribly. She probably won't even want to come back to us! Well, I have lots of pictures to download and once I do I will put they them on the blogs. Hugs to you all!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Couch for Jenni!

We made a spur of the moment purchase at Babies R Us last week and it has been a great purchase for Jenni. It is a little Sesame Street Couch that folds out into a little bed. She LOVES it! She has been sick for 2 days and she loves to lay in her little bed with her "blankie and Pink Kitty" and watch her shows especially while not feeling well. She just looks so dang cute. I promise to get some pictures. The little bed also has a little zip up sleeping bag attached to it. She likes that too. I think it makes her feel grown up or something but I highly recommend it. It did cost us $45 but well worth it. We are planning to take it to the Auntie's houses when she stays over.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The adventures of Jenni LIn

Has it been 6 weeks since we last posted? Hard to believe. Life has been busy as always. I am happy to say Jenni is well at this point wooo hoo. She is just so busy and running around like a mad woman. The weather has been nice off and a few weeks ago we were able to go outside and play! Daddy bought Jenni a toy car to play in outside. Although it was a challenge to put together (had to get the neighbor to help with his "muscles") it was worth it! Jenni LOVES it!! She looks too cute driving around in it or having mommy push her around. She loves being outside and likes to run between our yard and our neighbors. If they don't pay attention to her she yells at the top of her lungs "HEY, HEY" (like pay attention to me. It is too cute as all the neighbors turn around to see who is yelling. She is now 19 months and sooo smart! I think the big thing is she is soo compassionate and it is so sweet. She has a little trouble at daycare as she is still so small and the other kids tend to pick on her. The daycare has to watch her carefully. Her personality is just so mild and meek when at daycare that I think the other little kids pick up on it and like to pick on her. Well, I thought I also give some cute pictures for you to enjoy!