Thursday, December 6, 2007

That Time of the Month Again

Well, there were another group of matches. It didn't go as far as I had hope. They only did 1 week again. Oh, Man this is torture. I just wish they would do more days. At this rate it is looking like a April referral for us. Christmas is coming so quick and I seem to be very bah hum buggy. We just thought we would have our child by this Christmas. Oh, well..when I am off at Christmas time we are finally going to start the process of making the extra bedroom into a baby room. We have held off for so long just afraid to do it and then maybe have the adoption fall through. Now that they are so close to Jan. 2006 we feel finally ok to start buying baby "things'. Well, hope everyone is doing well and thanks for all of your support during this loooong waiting period. We love you all!
Terri and Rich