Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally, A Jenni update!

Sorry for such a delay in posting a Jenni Update. I have been spending much of my time on Facebook. It is such quick and easy to post updates on there. The past 2 months have been busy. Jenni's health hasn't been the best. Not anything bad just numerous ear infections and sinus infections. They decided to do a cat scan on her sinus cavity and she had almost total blockage of ALL sinuses. She had sinus surgery on June 12th. She also had her adneoids out and new tubes put in (her other ones fell out). They said she had alot of infection in there. Poor little thing. They think this is all caused from her Gastric Relux issue. So she had to see a Pediatric GI dr. We initially could not get an appt until Dec. 2009 but then got moved up to Sept. 2009. There is only 1 Ped GI Dr. in our city so very hard to get into. I prayed for God to find a way to get her in sooner. When I decided to call one more time to try and get her in earlier I found out one of my friends was now working there as a scheduler!! God answered our prayers. My friend put her on a short notice call list and she was seen last Wed. We loved the Dr! He is so nice and very informative. He thinks she may have something called Delayed Gastric Emptying which would explain why she is never hungry or eats just one or two bites and then says she is done. She had a full GI study of x-rays done last Friday and will have to have more tests done in about 2 weeks. In the meantime, she has another ear infection! The poor thing...Now we also have to do sinus rinses which she HATES. But if it keeps her from getting infections we will do it. We are tired of seeing her suffer. She also has lost weight again. However, I must say she is a real trooper. Hardly ever complains and plays hard. VERY BUSY!!

We also had our re-adoption hearing on June 19th so now we can get a birth certificate for her and a passport. We really want to go to Mexico in 2010. We are taking a trip to Hawaii first week in Oct. which will be the first time we have ever left Jenni. She will be staying home since it is a work convention. I have to admit I am stressing about leaving her. Even though she is so busy and tires me out everyday, I don't want leave her for even 1 night! She will be in good hands while we are gone. She is staying with her Aunties who will spoil her terribly. She probably won't even want to come back to us! Well, I have lots of pictures to download and once I do I will put they them on the blogs. Hugs to you all!