Saturday, October 25, 2008


So now that we have cooler weather we are preparing for our winter. Yard work and bringing out the winter clothing. Our sweet little girl still hates anything on her feet. We are constantly battling the socks on and the socks off. She wants and seems to need bare feet. She takes after her dada on this one. It is frustrating though as we actually have to keep the heat up a little extra bit higher than normal otherwise her feet get ice cold. She doesn't seem to mind them being cold but mama does. When she sleeps she hates having her feet covered up and soon after we cover them the blankets will come off. All night long we are putting the blanket back on her. She HATES footie pj's and we have to hunt extra hard to find warm PJ's that don't have feet in them. I am worried about when it gets below zero and it does occasionally do that here. She also has become a true "mama's girl". I have to admit that I do like it at times but it is also hard to get anything done around the house. My house seriously needs a "deep" cleaning. Rich tries and help where he can but I am sure other "mama's" know that some times only we know how to clean it best. Our dog has also decided that he needs to clean the diaper genie...ewww, eww. It was dog proof for awhile but he has finally figured out how to get into it this last month. You have to give him credit as he continued to try for a good 3 months before succeeding. He doesn't give up easily. However, today he has a big old tummy ache and is not feeling too good. I am angry with him but do feel sorry as he has thrown up several times today and it is definitely due to his "diet" last night. He just looks so pitiful. Well, gotta go! Sorry no new pictures right now. Just an update!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jenni Update

Everything going well in our household. Jenni is feeling much better. She did have a hearing test last week and she has a moderate hearing loss for low tones. The ENT wasn't terribly concerned..yet. He wants to check her again in a couple of weeks and see if it is the same. If it is then he wants to do tubes. She has not had any ear infections so we thought how lucky we are but he said it didn't mean there wasn't fluid behind the ear drum. This Doctor is a well known ear specialist in the Northwest so he knows what he is talking about. All he normally deals with is "challenging" ear issues. He has operated on me before so I am happy we decided to have him see her. We really didn't think she would have anything wrong but a patient from our office who is a audiologist recommended she be checked as many Chinese orphans tend to have hearing issues (according to her). I am really happy she talked me into it. Now it can get dealt with early on. The Doctor was happy to hear of no allergies but had recommended we keep her away from cigarette smoke as it can cause ear issues and can make her reflux worse. I guess they now feel second hand smoke is just as dangerous as smoking yourself. I kind of figured that but didn't realize how strongly the Doctors feel about it when it comes to children. Neither Rich or I have ever smoked so should not be an issue in our household. Jenni is walking but limited. She would rather crawl. She has now learned to say no and has figured out how to communicate a little bit better with us through some sign language. She also shakes her head yes and no. It is too cute! She actually answers things correctly as if she totally understands what we are asking. We have been to the pumpkin patch and she loved that as they had pony rides and she LOVES the horses. I guess we know what daddy will be buying her in the future. I will download some pictures later and put them on the blog.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Jenni turned one September 24th. Here are a few pictures from her party! By the way all of her labs from her last Dr appt came back normal except for an allergy to egg whites. She did have an sinus infection so had to be put on antibiotics but otherwise we are all doing well. Enjoy the pictures

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our tough little girl

So I know you have all been starving for birthday party pictures but it has been a rough few days here at the house. Jenni is again not feeling well. She has several things going on and I am sure some of it is attributed to being at daycare and being exposed to new "germs". Her first day in the toddler room (September 25th) she was "beat up" by another toddler. She is just so tiny and the teachers said that Jenni was "fresh meat"(for lack of a better term)and they all kind of ganged up on her. The teachers tried to hold her most of the day but had to put her down a couple of times while trying to care for the other children and within minutes she scratched and pushed around. I didn't get upset as I know much of it is what they call "age appropriate" and I know that Jenni will always be on the smaller side and it is a tough world out there and she will need to learn to defend herself. I am sure she will probably scratch or bite another child herself at some point. I do need to point out that our daycare has been so good about all of Jenni's little ailments and they don't "freak" out over an occasional reflux issue or snotty nose. Unfornuately though for her birthday party the following Saturday she had a nice scratch on her face although it was not real noticeable in the pictures. She still loves to go play with the other children at the daycare. She only has to go 3 days a week and seems to enjoy it. She also has been still vomiting and even did at her party even before she had her cake but she did the typical "puke and rally" that she does and continued to be cheerful and happy. She has had a snotty nose and just not feeling good. Last night was the scariest as I could hear her coughing in the bedroom at about 2:00 in the morning and went in and checked on her and there was blood on the mattress. She was still fast asleep but we could see crusted blood on her lip and nose. We were at first a little panicked that she had maybe vomited blood but we figured out that it was a nose bleed. After that I couldn't go back to sleep and I had to be up for work at 4:00am. I did get on the Internet and found out that some babies do that and not to be too worried. Thank God, for the Internet to ease one's mind in the middle of the night. She has vaporizer in her room on at all times so the air wasn't too dry but I think she may have a sinus infection or severe allergies which could have contributed to her nose blood. Tonight she came home from daycare with "goo" in her eye and it was red although not terribly bad so I am not sure if it is pinkeye or maybe just irritate from a sinus infection. She has an appointment with Dr. tomorrow. This little baby has really been so good considering she really hasn't had any time of feeling 100% since we have been home from China. She is either teething, ill or both. We are really so lucky to have such a tough little girl. She is growing and changing so much everyday. Hopefully, this weekend I can download some pictures and I will update you all on what the Dr. says.