Saturday, March 21, 2009

Update on Jenni Lin

Can't believe it has been a month already since I have posted. I spend alot of time on Facebook updating about Jenni so I don't blog as often as I use to. She will be 18 months old on Tuesday. She has been really pretty healthy for the last month and actually eating much better although still very picky. She seems to be putting on weight finally and getting a little baby tummy on her.. it is too cute. Not much to update on Jenni except that she is defiantely my little independent toddler. I haven't downloaded any pictures for awhile as I lost my camera actually Jenni lost it :-). But I found it last weekend so I will try and take some updated pictures and download them. Jenni is very fond of saying NO all the time and actually answers your questions correctly which is fun. She seems to be very fond of all of her grandpa's she actually has a totally of 4. She calls them all "Papa". She still can be a bit stand offish with her grandmas takes awhile for her to warm up. I still think the "older woman" thing is because of her association with the nannies in China. She is walking and running well which is actually good as I found out I have a fracture and tendon tear in my left shoulder which will require surgery in the next month so it will be hard to lift her. I will try hard to download a couple of pictures this weekend.