Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jenni's update

Sorry to be so long since last blog. Been updating everyone on Facebook so it is easy to forget to blog. Jenni is doing wonderful! She is now 2 and very smart and sassy! Let's September she had her 2nd birthday, In October..mama and daddy had a trip to Hawaii and she got to have an adventure with her Auntie's and Uncles. Then there was Halloween. She did have to have a major surgery on Nov. 4th for her severe Reflux. So far it seems to be a great success!! yea! Her surgeons were awesome and her stay at the Children's Hospital was excellent. We are so thankful to everyone. She enjoyed Thanksgiving and being the center of attention for all of the family as she is the only child right now. She has had a fairly good winter as far illness goes. Just a few little runny noses and a slight cough. Nothing like last year at all. We are just so thankful! She is talking so much and it fun to have conversations with her. She is still just such a "gentle soul". She is really well-behaved. She will tell you NO a few times when she is mad that you ask her to stop doing something but she complies but just wants us to know that she is not happy about it. She is almost potty-trained all the way..part of it is our fault as we forget to ask her if she needs to go but if we stay "on top of it" she will have a dry diaper all day. She is getting excited for Christmas and already has a great LOVE for Santa!! I will try and download some pictures a bit later.