Saturday, February 16, 2008

Getting Closer

Vern..Dog-tired after opening Christmas Presents
Rich and Vern at grandma Sarah's

So, sorry it has been awhile since you heard from us. CCAA matched 8 days this month!! So now we are up to December 27, 2008. We have been busy updating our homestudy. Our adoption agency called to let us know that our I171H will expire May 29th, 2008 and they are thinking that we will not be in China by then so we must update our homestudy and refile with Homeland security. SOOOOOO fustrating as this is the THIRD time!!. Our social worker is just awesome and so understanding of our long Journey. We know it will be worth it but being put under a microscope again to renew the homestudy is challenging. New financial statements, medical updates, background checks and another home visit. If only every parent had to do this in order to have a baby, we may no longer have any neglect or abuse of our children? You know weed out the "bad" parents? There are rumors flying around out there that we may possibly get a referral in April and then it is 6 to 8 weeks until we travel. We finally started buying some baby stuff. It really seem to make things more real to be buying stuff for our baby. To all of my family and friends in Spokane, I hope you survived the largest snow totals in 20 years! I know I am very tired of shoveling! I think we will try and buy a snow blower this spring (when the prices come down) and I am sure that will mean no snow next year. Well, we will try and keep you all updated. We are soooo close!
Love to you all,