Thursday, December 6, 2007

That Time of the Month Again

Well, there were another group of matches. It didn't go as far as I had hope. They only did 1 week again. Oh, Man this is torture. I just wish they would do more days. At this rate it is looking like a April referral for us. Christmas is coming so quick and I seem to be very bah hum buggy. We just thought we would have our child by this Christmas. Oh, well..when I am off at Christmas time we are finally going to start the process of making the extra bedroom into a baby room. We have held off for so long just afraid to do it and then maybe have the adoption fall through. Now that they are so close to Jan. 2006 we feel finally ok to start buying baby "things'. Well, hope everyone is doing well and thanks for all of your support during this loooong waiting period. We love you all!
Terri and Rich

Monday, November 5, 2007

Referral for December 2005 Families

Well, we are getting closer. CCAA have matched families thru December 8th, 2005. Keep in mind our LID date is Jan. 11th, 2006. So we are getting closer. We spoke with our adoption agency last week and they are still hoping we will get a Feb. referral. We are not keeping our hopes up. Right now, CCAA is doing about 1 week a month which would put us with a April or May 2008 match. However, our agency says December has a lot less families waiting so they may get through it faster. Say prayers for us that it comes sooner than later. Two years ago, November 8th was when my dad had passed away. When he was sick in the hospital, he couldn't really talk but wrote down on a piece of paper.."your baby?" He had a brain tumor so this was a big deal for him to remember this. I had to explain to him that he really hadn't been "out of it" for longer than a few days and we have not got our baby yet but soon. Little did we know we would still be waiting 2 years later. My heart aches to hear my dad's voice and to have him be here when we bring our daughter or son home but I know he will with us on our journey. I have to say I am very thankful to still have my mom here to be "grandma"!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Football Season

So, sorry it has been awhile since I have done a journal entry. Life has been busy which is good. The wait has sometimes been very difficult so we try and keep our days full. Thank God for football!! We both love it! Rich is more into College football and I am an NFL fan. I sometimes hate to admit it but I am a true die hard Seahawk fan. We both enjoy spending our Sunday's at home watching NFL football and getting household chores done. Fantasy football has made it even more fun. We do realize that these lazy Sunday's will come to end and after 23 years together we are looking forward to a "crazy and noisey" Sunday as a family. GO SEAHAWKS!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Another Group of Matches

It is that time of month that CCAA (China Center of Adoption Affairs) matches families to babies (referrals). I was very disappointed that they only matched through Nov. 30th. 2005. Everyone had hoped that it would at least go through December 5, 2005. However, I was told by our adoption agency CCAI (Chinese Children Charities Agency) that they don't have any families with LID (Log-In-Date) between Dec. 1st through Dec 5th. So, hopefully we are still ok. So, Rich and I are just "patiently" waiting......

My goal was to have our child before I turned 40 but I guess God had another plan as I am turning 40 on Oct. 9th. The ultimate optismist that I am I just figure this is how it was meant to be and when it is right our child will come.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In the Beginning........

Where to start? I guess we should start in the beginning. Rich and I have been together "FOREVER" as my family would say. Not really forever but a long time. My brother-in-law always jokes that we met while riding our big wheel tricycles. Not quite the way it happened but I did see the love of my life while riding my bike past his house in the 8th grade. It was all history after that. We became a serious item in 1984 and together ever since. Our life consisted of college,work and play. Marriage was always an after thought. Finally to the relief of our family, we married Sept. 1st, 1997. We purchased a home and now share our life with Vern, our dog, and Lexie, our siamese kitty. We are all waiting to bring home our precious child.
We invite you to share in our journey to bring our child home from China. Please remember to keep an open mind and heart when reading our blogs. The spelling and grammer may not be correct but we want you to enjoy it with laughter, sometimes tears of happiness and most of all love.
We love you all!! Here we go.....
Terri and Rich
Your parents are waiting to love you!