Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Pictures of Jenni Lin smiling!!!

Just a couple of cute photos of Miss Jenni Lin while at my sister's house today. Her dogs are just too cute. Tomorrow is Jenni's birthday!!! Hopefully I will be able to download some birthday photos early next week. Jenni has had been cutting two more teeth this last week so it has been snotty nose, fever and just plain not feeling too hot. But at least she has two at the same time that broke through in the last 2 days. Just 16 more to go oh fun!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chinese Formula Scare

So has it really been over a week since I last posted? Jenni Lin is doing great. We had a little scare this week with the "Tainted Chinese Formula" story. Jenni did have that formula while we had her in China and about a week after until our doctor had us take her off of it as she was having some skin irritation issues and "stomach" pain and vomiting. Which now we learn may have been kidney trouble. We had a whole bunch of labs done in July when he did her well care check and she was fine however we never did a kidney function test. So he is planning on doing one in about 2 weeks at her next visit. She now seems fine but for a several weeks after we brought her home she was arching her back quite a bit as if in pain and had some vomiting issues. Our doctor has reassured us that she is probably fine and has no long term health effects. Just kind of scary. She is doing well and she is sooooo close to walking. She can now stand for a few seconds without holding onto anything. She doesn't always realize she is doing it and then once she does she falls over. She still only has 2 teeth and will be turning a year old on September 24th. She becomes my Velcro baby over the weekends after being at the daycare during the week. She does really seem to enjoy daycare just doesn't sleep well there as she is such a light sleeper and it is just too noisy there. She comes home dirty (from playing outside)and dog tired but happy. But by the time Friday comes around she only wants her mama and I can't be out of her sight for longer than a few seconds. She is so dang cute that is hard to say no to her. I am in so much trouble when she gets older. 6 more days until our baby turns 1!!!