Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well, I wish I could tell you we have many pictures from Thanksgiving but I have none. My family has some but I don't have access to them yet. Our Thanksgiving really wasn't very much fun. Dada had the stomach flu all Wednesday night and Thursday and then had to go to work at 4:00PM. He is such a trooper. He didn't want to have to call anyone in on Thanksgiving so he toughed it out. Jenni also has been sick again since Wednesday. Not just your normally cough and cold but also running a fever. On Thanksgiving she was as high as 103 degrees. We did attempt to still do Thanksgiving dinner at grandma's but bad choice. Besides getting thrown up on right before dinner..Jenni was just plain cranky. Nothing made her happy. She cried and whined almost the entire time we were there. Needless to say after a clothing change I attempted to eat quickly and get Jenni home. I also have not been feeling too hot. I first had some sort of stomach ailment that lasted almost 3 weeks. Some days were pretty bad and now I have a bronchial infection so all 3 of us were pretty miserable yesterday. Jenni and I both went to the doctor today. The doctor said Jenni didn't have an ear infection or strep throat just a little tonsillitis and cough. She has been very cranky all day today and has spent most of her day crying. I think her throat is just so sore. Since Jenni has been in daycare our home has just been a home for the most wonderful germ bugs! But I have to say we are still so thankful this Thanksgiving for our little princess and for all we have and our family. These memories can't be possible without all our family and friends!! Love you all.


Sunday, November 23, 2008


We had a recent photo shoot. I thought the pictures turned out great! She has some great smiles! We are not posting our Christmas card one quite yet as we want it to be a surprise for family and friends. It is just a great picture! I just love the one of Dada and Jenni.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Princess Jenni Lin

Boy, it is has been a bit since we last posted. Our little one is doing great. She is getting so independent. She is now walking although she prefers mom or dad to carry her like a princess should be carried. She is saying a few more words and now has 4 1/2 teeth. She still will go potty on toilet if we catch her at the right moment. She is still a bit young to tell us when she has to go although she will clap when she does a poo in her diaper. She wants me to do the pee pee dance but we reserve that for when she so goes potty on the toilet. She is getting very territorial when it comes to mama. She doesn't want anyone touching me including Daddy and kitty. She gets very upset if the cat trys to lay on me or Rich tries to kiss me or put his hand on me. It is pretty funny although we try not encourage this behavior and tell her over and over that Mama's loves daddy and it is OK for him to touch me. She loves her Dada very much but when it comes to him trying to sit next to me and or touching me she freaks out and squeals and pushes his hand away and gives him a dirty look. She does not reserve this for daddy only she also does this to the cat and dog. I am "her mama" and she is not willing to share me. I have to admit I find it very enduring and sweet but I try not to let her think it is OK. She needs to learn to share. She is still suffering from some reflux issues but we have learned to give her bottle to her sitting up and not to let her lay down immediately afterwards otherwise it all comes shooting out like a volcano (sorry to be so graphic but that is exactly what happens). The daycare (who is normally so easy going)got a little freaked out the other day by the quantity and speed it came out. They were like that "little Jenni was like a big volcano explosion" and then right afterwards she just started playing like nothing happened..the old "puke and rally". She is tough cookie! The holidays are just around the corner and we are so excited. We were very sad last year not having our baby but the wait was so worth it. This year we are decorating and doing all of the Holiday festivities. Well, gotta go my Princess is fussing and wanting my attention!