Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Couch for Jenni!

We made a spur of the moment purchase at Babies R Us last week and it has been a great purchase for Jenni. It is a little Sesame Street Couch that folds out into a little bed. She LOVES it! She has been sick for 2 days and she loves to lay in her little bed with her "blankie and Pink Kitty" and watch her shows especially while not feeling well. She just looks so dang cute. I promise to get some pictures. The little bed also has a little zip up sleeping bag attached to it. She likes that too. I think it makes her feel grown up or something but I highly recommend it. It did cost us $45 but well worth it. We are planning to take it to the Auntie's houses when she stays over.

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Lisa said...

We bought a couch like this for the boys (only I think it was a bit bigger) when they were young. It was SOOOO handy. They folded it out to play video games or watch movies on. When friends or cousins spent the night they slept on that. And when they outgrew it - I used it for my daycare kids for naptime - so perfect. Ren hasn't had a chance to play on it since it's been in storage since last fall. It will be fun for the girls when we move. :) I hope Jenni is feeling better.