Monday, September 7, 2009

What has been happening in Jenni's life

Our sweet pea is almost 2 years old. Hard to believe! So grown up..almost fully potty trained. We plan on completing this task after we return from Hawaii in Oct. Mom and dad are taking a "work" trip to Hawaii for 9 days. Will be VERY hard leaving our little Jenni for so long but her Auntie's will be watching her and we know she will be in good hands. Jenni is talking so much and has really grown up so much in the last 2 months since our last post. She is like a "little woman" so mature and is now fully understanding every thing we say and I mean EVERYTHING! We have been having to start spelling things, hee, hee. She loves all outdoor activities and on rainy days home with mom and dad..she LOVES to watch her movies.

She is still having some digestive problems and does have Delayed Gastric Emptying Disease (which they hope she will outgrow) and they think reflux which will be confirmed this week with a scope. She really has very little desire to eat much of anything. It is really a constant battle. But she still seems to be thriving which is good sign so I need to not worry too much.

I am attaching some photos...I do have some video on Facebook.


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